As if it weren’t awkward enough listing personal ads on Craigslist, we’re here to make it even more awkward. These are the People of Craigslist.

We’re putting on a rock & roll show to celebrate the launch of our humble corner of the series of tubes. Inside, we announce four bands and attempt to build suspense with vague comments.

Fogg St. is clearly a hot-bed of serious artistic activity. First the Fabry Dragon, now the excellently geometric Graffiti Cat.

How we wasted a couple hours in a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Otherwise known as a one-room event space near Opryland that was, for the weekend, filled with comic books.

Learn from my mistakes, don’t go to the Christian* rock show at Grimey’s to get free barbecue if they’ve been doing the “pre-order the album to get an assured spot at the show” thing. It’s not going to work out for you.

In this bonus Urban Art Crawl: a dragon with a dog riding on its back. Some things you just have to take pictures of.

You’re at the First Saturday Art Crawl. You’ve got three hours to drink as many free refreshments as you can and this is how we did it. We’re not saying that it’s the most comprehensive to drinking at the art crawl (we did waste at least a hour in there somewhere) but we’re calling it a success.

There is no bigger cesspool than that of Craigslist. In our inaugural installment of The People of Craigslist, a young entrepreneur takes advantage of that pool by selling her wares. You’ll find that pun hysterical after you read on.

[imagebrowser id=1] Graffiti has an unfair reputation in most cities in America. If people aren’t swearing up and down that a hastily scribbled tag on a Stop sign means the Crips are moving in on their neighborhood, they’re complaining about the eyesore of some kid’s writer pseudonym being drawn everywhere. The point of Urban Art [...]