It’s Halloween weekend! We hope you’re not still trick or treating, because that’s weird. Do one of these things instead.

Make-Up and Vanity Set released Charles Park II a few days ago and we’ve been caught up in its sweet digital zombie funk.

This week’s victim of Craigslist romance has a bone to pick with her famous philandering ex-boyfriend.

It was a dark and stormy night in East Nashville… then we wound up at Beyond the Edge and it was kinda lame. The end.

Local music venues are a little intimidating if you’ve never been there before. Where do you park? What’s the bar like? Am I going to have to bathe in some kind of disinfectant to wash myself of the disease I’ve probably picked up from being here? How many fights will I probably get into? These are all valid questions that Yelp isn’t going to answer.

Halloween is coming up and you probably still haven’t put together your costume yet. Never fear, readers, we have five suggestions from the dark depths of the local rock scene. If anyone can pull one off, it’s you.

Apparently, there’s a chili festival AND a beer festival going on at the same time on Saturday. Which basically means that, for a day, Nashville is legally being renamed to Dudeville, TN. We’re in a rush though, so this thing is all kinds of abridged.

We hope you’ve got a friend with a truck. You’ll need it for all of the free Craigslist goodies we’ve got in store for you.

There is an inherent risk in gaming the system and sometimes, as Seth Graves discovers, that risk comes back to bite you in the form of a suspicious veggie platter from an even more suspicious “Father Ryan teacher.”

After last week’s monstrous bummer, we have the most detailed Craigslist personal ad ever to grace those hallowed Internet halls. Are you this hipster’s “partner in crime” to be?