While you and everybody you’ve ever met were watching Yeasayer in a cramped Cannery Ballroom on the penultimate day of Next Big Nashville, we were catching something far more exciting and elusive—a band from Belmont that didn’t register an 8.6 on the Dixie Downturn whatevs scale. Evan P. Donohue was playing direct support for Elf Power and all we could do was wonder, “was he this good when we saw him last, or is this new? Because this is AMAZING.”

If you would have told us that Diarrhea Planet’s ex-guitarist was playing some of the catchiest, lush baroque pop in Middle Tennessee (dare we say, the entire Southeast), we… probably wouldn’t have done anything. But we would have said something very mean-spirited about you and your face once you were out of earshot. Don’t judge us. Regardless, Evan’s debut record, Rhythm & Amplitude basically takes all of the bits of Elephant 6 bands in early ’00s and melts it all together. You wind up with some dark lyrics over sunny arrangements (ala Beulah), some sunshine pop tinged with slight psychedelia (of Montreal), some narrative folk pop songs that don’t make a whole lot of sense (Neutral Milk Hotel) and so on. Just take our word for it, this music rules.

You can buy a digital version and/or a CD off Bandcamp. For a day, you could have bout it for $4.80, but now you’ve got to spend the whole 8 bucks (we know, your life is so hard):

We highly recommend you see him at Exit/In on Wednesday when he opens for The Thermals. If you send him a really good riddle, you might even get in for free.

// Photo by Lance Conzett. If you’re a member of Diarrhea Planet, you are contractually obligated to crowdsurf at least once.

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