No more sifting through hundreds of M4M love connections from the Maryland Farms YMCA for us. The hippest of the Nashvillians have overcome their Tofurky hangovers and are back doing what to they do best–posting dumb shit on the internet. Yes, we see the irony here.

A few weeks ago, Diarrhea Planet and some of their buds (Reid Magette, Spanish Candles, Big Surr) played in an honest to god frat bar. You may remember us quipping that they were probably going to play “a song called ‘Orange Girls’ in a place that is likely frequented by ACTUAL ORANGE GIRLS.” This indeed happened and we were there with a video camera to prove it.

Reggie Watts is coming to Nashville and performing at Third Man Records, joke fans. Quit bidding on eBay auctions of empty Four Loko cans and buy a ticket.

We’re not sure who painted “LOVE” in big letters on the side of this Charlotte Ave. building, but we’re pretty sure we want to give them a hug.

Prepare your livers, ladies and gentlemen. The East Nashville Blog crew have reported today that the less honkeytonk-y side of the river is in preparation for its own beer festival in April. We’re assuming it’s going to be like the Tomato Art Festival, except with even more drinking and less heat stroke.

Tommy Wiseau’s contribution to world cinema screens at The Belcourt this weekend. Who needs Thanksgiving when you’ve got plastic spoons and a movie that only barely makes sense when you haven’t knocked back a couple of scotchkas?

Evan P. Donohue released a cassette over the weekend, but because we’re swamped as hell, we’re just going to show you one picture. Whatevs, America.

Davis-Kidd is closing and we’re sad. Go buy some books before you head out to party this weekend.

Listen up Internet, we’re not going to shut up about Action! until you give them all your money. This is a stick up.

World peace through graffiti on dumpsters? We’ll buy it.