It was on a walk to the 1st Saturday Art Crawl, ironically, that I managed to catch a glimpse of this epic hidden treasure tucked away off 5th, just south of Church Street. Obviously, this took a little more time, paint, and ladders to be your average guerilla illustration. So mad props to not only the artist(s) who birthed this magnum opus, but to whoever commissioned them to cover this wall with it.

// Photo by Seth Graves.

One Response to Urban Art Crawl: Gravy Train Edition

  1. Jessica Ramsay
    Dec 04, 2011

    “The 30 x 80′ mural was commissioned in 2007 and was completed in late summer of that year. This amalgamation of traditional graffiti, stencil art, and hybrid animal animation was the creative collective work of Minneapolis artists, Issac Arvold, John Grider, Eric Inkala, Drew Peterson of as part of the month long Whole Milk show at The Twist Gallery in 2007. The concept behind this massive urban canvas creation is to instill a sense of inspiration and wonder.”

    I love this piece.

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