This is turning into some kind of a video week, isn’t it? We’ll totally understand if you didn’t think driving to Cookeville for The Night Kite Revival was worth it, but you did miss a pretty great performance if you didn’t decide to drive 3 hours round trip for a poetry show. Words are for nerds, after all. Lance did make the drive, though, and shot bits and pieces of the show. In this clip, Derrick Brown and Buddy Wakefield present short poems. Anis Mojgani said one before he started recording, but because he got lost trying to find the place, he came in a little too late to get him on tape. Sorry, Anis! NWS for language, we guess. If you liked that, you may be interested in buying their books and other wares.

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  1. Kassi
    Nov 04, 2010

    As I’d been backstage, and then immediately onstage making a slew of introductions in bright lights that prevented me from seeing the audience, I didn’t realize that you hadn’t arrived yet at the beginning of the official Night Kite set. Derrick wanted me to make brief introductions of each performer. I was fairly familiar with the bios of the poets, but I didn’t know Timmy Straw at all, so I introduced her as the next big Food Network star. You and Kelsey weren’t there to chuckle, and I think everyone took me seriously. oops.


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