We’re going to go ahead and say that South Nashville “Trash Artist” Jerome Epstein could quite possibly be a bit of a weird dude. He digs through trash. It’s true that he freely associates with folks like Dave Cloud and Finnish outsider folk madman The Mattoid. He also happens to be one of the most awesomely weird up-and-coming artists in the Nashville art community.

Oh, what a holly jolly non-blogging time it has been. We got presents! We gave presents! We awkwardly avoided relatives! We drank absurd amounts of holiday themed liquor that made us vomit tinsel and baby reindeer! …uh, sorry. We just got a little flabbergasted with all of this holiday cheer. Our point being, we can [...]

Kids, it’s about time we had a little chat about infringing on the property of others. It’s bad news bears. That is unless they have some insane graffiti on the inside of their fence. Then that’s just plain necessary.

Put away the yule log video, we’ve got your Christmas party atmosphere right here.

You ever get a present that you can’t use? A “white elephant” gift? Like poor Ralphie from A Christmas Story, we all have that well-meaning elderly relative who doesn’t quite understand that we’re not into Power Rangers any more and – as much as we’d like to – can’t fit into Batman pajamas clearly designed for a 12-year-old girl. Nothing quite compares to that moment of disappointment when you unwrap a gift on Christmas to reveal a pair of socks or a Smash Mouth album that you loved… in the 7th grade.

Casa Castile is a great band, even when hampered by friends afflicted by chronic Internet dickbag syndrome. Here’s a video for proof.

We continue your down-to-the-wire gift buying suggestions with this brief guide regarding the sale of hooch in our fine city.

He’s got songs! You’ve got a band! It’s a match made in bad spelling heaven!

The Features performed “The New Christmas Wish Book” as part of their three-song set of Christmas tunes with Matt Mahaffey and others.

Christmas is only a week and a half away, and if you’re anything like us, you sure as hell have a lot of shopping to do. Lucky for you, we’re here to ease your pain. In this week’s first installment of Holiday Shopping Guides, we’re catering towards those music nerds on your list.