Pancakes AND booze? Thanks, Open Lot!

      Whoo-wee! What a wild and wonderful week! The ides of March, St. Paddy’s day, the day after St. Paddy’s day (St. Porcelain’s day) and of course  just good ol’ Friday night. If your liver hasn’t already liquefied and left your body through various means, more power to you. For all you other [...]

Blah blah blarney stone blah blah leprechauns blah blah blah. Pop this on and let’s get trashed on green beer.

Some dummy gets a dinosaur tattoo for his ex-girlfriend. Let’s all stand around and laugh.

As if you needed an excuse to hang at Springwater, you can now bombard your peers with your poetry stylings.

Remember when your mother used to tell you to go play outside when she didn’t want to deal with your annoying ass? And remember how “playing outside” generally consisted of tormenting your little brother, making failed dry ice bombs, and peeing on electrical fences? MAN! Weren’t those  the days? There is no sensation quite like [...]

Dramatic re-enactment of last week: “Whoop!” THUMP “Shit!” WHUMP “Jesus! Someone call a doctor!” Exeunt.

Tristen played some songs at Grimey’s. Is there anything we could possibly say about her that hasn’t already been written? No? Good, moving on then.

Nothing super exciting here, just some graffiti in a weird little alcove sometimes inhabited by West Nashville’s homeless.

For may $20 tops, you can have the time of your life. What else are you going to do this weekend?