While taking a break from the punk show indoors, we scoped two dudes popping and locking on top of a van. Their argument was awfully persuasive.

Opening tonight: a Japanese food truck! Plastered with a giant dead-eyed anime character on the side!

You know who suck more than goliath cicadas and Craigslist creepers combined? Kids that mess your shit up, that’s who! One Craigslist Mom (who does not reside in Hendersonville, but may still wear a tail) got her expensive couched jacked up by her gross kids, and she’d prefer it if you take it out of [...]

This Saturday at Grimey’s: three in-stores! Count ‘em!

@NashSevereWx is the soothing voice you need to hear when you wake up at 4:30 in the morning because your house is being battered with hail.

Oh, baby! Just when we thought we’d scared off every tail-wearing personal ad writer in Hendersonville, the Craigslist weirdos have become as abundant as those god damn cicadas. Today we bring you a lively gentleman who’s not only looking for a sassy lady to get it on with, but also to organize and alphabetize his [...]

Plan your own rapture party! The world is supposed to catch fire and send non-believers into a pitiful damnation, but that just means you won’t have to go to work on Monday!

Man! Helluva month! Floods,  looming deadlines, Memphis In May….If I didn’t know any better, I’d say summertime is around the corner. Of course the weather recently seems to imply otherwise, so maybe I should just be quiet.  (I mean fo’ real! What is going on around these parts people? Did spring just decide to give [...]

It’s a picture of a parking sign! And… that’s about it.

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