God, it’s still hot. Let’s suffer through this as best we can, by making a jug full of sangria and swearing at the sun.

Glenn Danzig’s House is will be just “house” after Friday. Go party until they kick you out for the last time ever.

We’re just glad they didn’t call it a lemon party. That joke is dedicated to anyone who’s been grossed out by the Internet.

What do you do when it’s hot and you’ve been kicked out of every community pool in a 10 mile radius? Swimming hole.

Our old friends The Joiners are coming back to town! After a long baby hiatus, the former Easties are playing The 5 Spot with some of the usual suspects.

Borders is going down for the count, which means mad savings on books you don’t really want! Let’s all go buy 10 copies of Atlas Shrugged!

The 5 Spot celebrates a full year of $2 Tuesdays with a slew of bands and, more importantly, $2 pints of Yazoo. Also: we plan your night for you.

Good news, fans of middle-of-the-road white guy blues and folk! Live on the Green is back for a third year and ready to pump you up, swaying lighters in the air style.

Because it’s free slurpee day.

Delve into the mind of a criminal mastermind (or, a guy with gloves and a screwdriver)!