Drunk Bob Fisher is drunk.

Basically, everyone except Stephen Baldwin and the Kardashian.

Don’t get any bright ideas, nerds. We were fine with the World Cup mania getting its claws into 3 Crow, but we cannot abide by televised Starcraft matches.

Competitive big wheel racing? Alright. Why the hell not?

Today at BLVD Music Shop: Several excellent bands for the price of zero dollars. Come see Diarrhea Planet play at a Belmont event.

Come out to see Rear Window on the grass next to Bongo Java East this Sunday, assuming it doesn’t rain (thus proving that God hates Jimmy Stewart).

“I sprayed your house for fleas” is positively the worst euphemism we’ve ever heard. What’s that? Not a euphemism? Gross.

A ton of graffiti by a mysterious bomber named Reader has blanketed part of the city recently. We think it’s kinda cool.

Don’t tell Lightning 100 to name the new music venue any of these. Well, maybe the last one.

The Groove hosts some of the best local winter acousti-folk that you’ll hear all summer today at 5:30.