We’ve all been there. You move to a new place and swear up and down that you don’t need the Internet and are finally going to break it’s icy digital grasp on your soul by not hooking up Comcast. Four hours later, you’re driving the streets with your laptop out, hoping to pick up a Wi-Fi connection to retweet a video of corgis on a treadmill.

That kind of desperation inspired us to put together a map of every business with a free wireless connection that we could think of. Every coffee shop, bar, restaurant, gas station and tattoo parlor with an unsecured Linksys router, broadcasting to the heavens.

Along with locations, many of the pinpoints on the map include the cheapest purchasable item in the place (that isn’t like “plain black coffee”) so that you’re not technically in violation of theft of services. Don’t thieve services, you guys! That ends poorly! We also offer special tips and if you’d be look upon as a weirdo for bringing your laptop there. Hint: Don’t bring your laptop to McDonalds.

Obviously, a list of this type is bound to be incomplete. We, of course, welcome any additions, corrections or suggestions.

2 Responses to Where to Find Wi-Fi in Nashville

  1. fancycwabs
    Oct 18, 2011

    Drifter’s has free wifi, with a password (it’s their phone number). Chips and salsa is the cheapest item on the menu, I guess.

    The Flying Saucer also has free wifi, and the password is “beerknurd.” Their bargain menu item is whatever the fire sale is.

    Sam & Zoe’s and Melrose Pub both have unprotected wifi, although S&Z’s turns theirs off at peak times.

    • Dixie
      Oct 19, 2011

      Noted! Thanks for the tips.

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