We’re not going to bury the lede here: we won a Best of Nashville award! In the “Best of Nashville 2011” issue of Nashville Scene (which hit newsstands this morning), Dixie Downturn was named “Best Local Website for Living on the Cheap” by the esteemed alternative weekly.

First off, thank you. We do this blog for the fun of it and are absolutely thrilled that anybody reads it, much less thinks highly enough of it to consider it the best of anything. When we first sat down over two-for-one beers at 3 Crow to hash out our plans for Dixie Downturn more than a year ago, we never expected to be honored with anything. So. Thanks. We try our best to provide y’all with blog posts that we would like to read and we hope that you’re as entertained by our antics as we are.

But enough of the past!

We’ll continue to bring you Urban Art Crawl, happy hour reviews, and more descents into Nashville’s finest (in a manner of speaking) opportunities for keeping yourself entertained in between minimum wage shifts at The Great Escape. We’ve got big plans, you guys. Big plans that may involve these contextless keywords: dorkumentaries, drag queen bingo, ghost tours.

Thanks again,

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