Unwilling to cross the bridge over to the East Side for The 5 Spot’s regular Monday night Keep On Movin’ dance party? Good news, West Nashville crust punks — The End has a weekly dance party now too! The inaugural Bottomless Beer Bash goes down tonight at The End on Elliston Place, where $10 gets you a — you guessed it — bottomless cup of beer. Does this mean that The End finally had taps installed? Or are you paying $10 to drink your weight in Miller High Life ponies? Good question!

From what we’ve been able to glean, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight, you can pretty much suck PBR draft straight from the tap (ew, please don’t do that). From 10 p.m. on, a dance party starts and all of you drunkies start doing the robot or whatever it is that you’re trying to pass off as a dance move these days.

We’re not entirely sure if the return on investment on this thang is completely on point though. On a good night at The End, we’d probably wind up drinking three PBRs or so and that’s what? Nine bucks if you’re tipping generously? That’s not a rhetorical question — our booze-soaked brains can’t remember. Either way, unless you’ve got a liver like a champ (and we know some of you do), whether or not the Bottomless Beer Bash will be worth your while depends on a few things: your endurance, the quality of the eponymous “bottomless beer” and how high on the righteousness scale the DJ is. Seeing as how DJ Pimpdaddysupreme is the dude who introduced us to chap hop at a housewarming party many months ago, we’re learning towards “totes righteous.” Plus, he’s DJing with turntables instead of a laptop. That’s novel, right?

Here’s PDS’s description of what he plans to play:

70′s electro disco/funk/rock/punk
80′s new wave/electro-hop/goth/dance pop/r&b/italo
90′s new jack/hi nrg/acid house
00-11 electro/indie dance/b-more/mashups

Nice. We’re not able to check out our fair city’s latest excuse to drink on a schoolnight since we’re catching Beirut at Cannery, but if anyone makes it out to the Rock Block, we’d appreciate the low down. If not, then maybe we’ll find our way over there sometime soon. Don’t forget: $10, get there early to soak up as much PBR draft as possible before the DJ shows up.

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