Not unlike the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Opry Mills has risen from its watery grave to terrorize Nashville once again with its excessive amount of flag stores and volcano-shaped deserts. Which is a bummer for all of us who just wanted them to rebuild the goddamn Wabash Cannonball instead of subjecting our fair city to yet another Aeropostle store. But, hey, if you want to buy overpriced clothes marketed toward d-bags, that’s your own business.

What we can get down with, however, is the reopening of our precious IMAX movie theater. That’s right, Hendersonville! We’re not driving to you to see Harry Potter ever again! Or, y’know. Driving to you ever again for any reason.

For the rest of today and tomorrow, Opry Mills Stadium 20 is celebrating their grand re-opening by slashing their ticket, popcorn and drink prices to a measly $2 until Wednesday. There’s no word on how much Whoppers will cost, but we’re going to go ahead and assume that they’ll be the full $25 price they usually are.

Today’s films are curated by the Nashville Film Festival, including The Artist, Weekend, The First Grader and My Week With Marilyn. We didn’t actually catch any of these when they screened at the festival earlier this year, but we did watch the director of The First Grader hit on our pseudo-date’s friend at the festival after-party and that sure was entertaining.

If you’re more interested in, say, a dude hitting people with hammers than a tense gay melodrama then good news! Opry Mills 20 is also screening some of the movies that you weren’t able to see at the theater while it was still occupied by piranhas, including Bridesmaids, Thor, Harry Potter, Captain America, Green Lantern and The Hangover 2. They’re also screening Zookeeper, if you really hate yourself. You can catch a couple of those in 3D or IMAX, which for $2 is a ridiculous deal. You can find more information on Regal’s website.

// Photo by Joshua Bousel.

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