Have we mentioned lately that we’re total poetry dorks lately? That’s right, behind all of this snark beats the sensitive heart of a poem gnome. It’s true! We even drove as far as Cookeville to see some dudes read some words in a verse-like fashion. But the trouble with being poetry fans is that for the most part, poetry tends to be flowery middle-aged pap or dreadful teenage garbage. Sorry Robert Frost, that’s just the truth of the matter. It’s hard to find a happy medium, especially when you find yourself trapped at amateur hour in a coffee shop.

However! If there’s one thing we can get behind, it’s poetry in a bar. Especially if it’s in a shitkicking dive bar like Dino’s.

Poetry Sucks is having their inaugural night of poetry and (because it’s utterly inescapable here) music at Dino’s tonight at 8 p.m. The monthly event is meant to be, at least in some small way,¬†monthly successor to the Thursday night bar entertainment crown vacated by Hate Life Thursdays. But where it lacks in hip Third Man approved DJing, it makes up in readings by UC Denver professor Jake Adam York and local bartender Dave Brown. Unlike those open mics, this thing is curated for maximum quality. Finally!

As you are well aware, Dino’s is on Gallatin Rd. next to 308 in East Nashville. There’s no cover, but Dino’s doesn’t have a credit card machine so you’ll need to bring cash.

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