Happy Repeal Day!

On this fateful day in 1933, prohibition was officially repealed by Congress after realizing that, though their legislation did succeed in curbing drinking for most people, it also had the side effect of allowing Steve Buscemi to rule the land with an iron fist. Also, Al Capone and a guy with half a face. The passing of the 21st Amendment is perhaps the greatest triumph for drunks in history, if not second to that time you drank a bunch of whiskey and successfully ramped your bike into a lake without cracking your head open. Good job on that, by the way.

Not that any of you (or, for that matter, either of us) need a reason to saunter down to the bar, but why not celebrate this historic occasion with a fancy cocktail? Can anyone make us a Sazerac? Also, what is a Sazerac? In any case, we’ve heard that No. 308 is celebrating booze liberation day in style. We’re not sure what that means, but they do have a new seasonal drink menu.

Not willing to pay $9 for an Old Fashioned? Perhaps these instructions on how to make bathtub gin would interest you. Authentic!

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