Oh, hey guys. What’s up? It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Let’s just go ahead and chalk this egregious lack of blogging due to some seasonal affective disorder (and New Years Eve booze coma) shenanigans and truck on ahead with this news item: Nashville is being profiled in a show about drinking!

Drinking Made Easy is a show hosted by comedian Zane Lamprey, who some of you may know as the face of several Girls Gone Wild infomercials (a job’s a job, we guess?) but we know best as the host of Three Sheets, the world’s greatest travel show about drinking. On Three Sheets, Lamprey wandered the globe, learning about how to sabre a bottle of champagne and how to recover from a hangover in Bolivia while getting incredibly drunk in between those scenes. It was fantastic and you can watch the whole damn thing on Hulu.

We’ve never seen this apparent sequel, but it apparently takes a more American tip and visits cities like Memphis, Portland, Cape Cod and (more importantly) our humble Nashville. The episode premieres Wednesday at 7 p.m. on HDNet, a channel we have never heard of, but the network posted a short clip to YouTube, featuring Yazoo, roller derby and moonshine.

What’s amazing about this episode is that it doesn’t sound like he hits a single honkey-tonk on Lower Broadway. Bless you, Lamprey, for showing the rest of the universe that there’s more to us than Bud Lite with Lime. According to the show notes for the episode, Lamprey visited 12 South Taproom, Whiskey Kitchen, Patterson House, City House and our east side favorite No. 308. We’ve never been more proud.

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