Michelle and Lance are former journalism students buried beneath mountains of student debt. They have jobs, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still bored and penniless. Dixie Downturn presents Nashville’s underground culture through the perspective of broke twenty-somethings, with a love for the bike punks, the urban cowboys, and the East Nashville facial hair warriors. Have you ever gone to the art crawl for the sole purpose of getting smashed? Have you supported yourself by selling your once treasured collection of Metallica CDs to The Great Escape? Have you ever contemplated getting the Exit/In stamp tattooed on your hand so you’d get into shows for free? We’re right there with you.


Seth Graves is a writer, filmmaker, musician and free food aficionado living in Nashville. You may know Graves best as one quarter of Powerbrrrd or as Casio Casanova. Here’s a fun fact about Casio Casanova, the one time that we saw him live, we had to leave early because one of our friends had too much to drink and had to be carried out of The End. True story! That’s the kind of effect Seth Graves has on people. In addition to his regular freelance gig at Nashville Scene, Gravy Train Graves can be found on Twitter at @sethgravy.

Cody Badaracca is a Belmont journalism grad from Steamboat, Colorado. Not only did he help name the blog (“Destitute in Dixie” was close, but we’ll always love “If this is the Athens of the South, call me Socrates… of the South”), but the earliest form of DD lies in an idea he and Lance hatched to cover the 2008 presidential debate hosted at Belmont in the form of a pub crawl. Badaracca is a metalhead, gonzo-inspired journalist and bicycle fiend. He has virtually no Internet presence to speak of, which is probably for the benefit of everyone.