Let’s all make fun of the outsider trying to figure out why Nashville is a cool drinking city and eventually get mad at him for only visiting honky-tonks!

Not sure what to do on New Year’s Eve? Already went to see the movie “New Year’s Eve”? We have some other ideas for how you can celebrate the last new year in human history.

Yeah! Let’s all go burn down Pangaea! That’ll make those slimy Wall Street bankers repent their ways!

Are you a maniac willing to sleep in a parking lot for free chicken? Do you not mind supporting an organization that actively funds legislation to ban gay marriage? Good news! A new Chick-Fil-A is opening!

The return of our by-no-means-complete round up of where you can find free beer and weird times in Nashville. Now quit stalling and go buy your Santa costume from K-Mart.

Happy Repeal Day!

We’re gonna drink all the gin in Nashville. Repeal Day!

Not doing anything Friday night? How about a free show with Nikki Lane and William Tyler at the Basement? How about a free show with free food? BAM, SOLD.

Opry Mills is offering $2 movies, popcorn and soft drinks until Wednesday, after which their prices will return to their normal status of costing your first born child to see Green Lantern 3D.

Robots have arrived in 5 Points! They demand your 3 Crow tokens and will stop at nothing to pry them from your puny human hands.

The End hosts its inaugural Bottomless Beer Bash/Manic Monday dance party tonight. Go and get plastered, maybe.