We’re pretty sure we got a poem like this once. It was written on black paper and we took a different bus to avoid the writer for a month. Way to go, Clarksville!

“I sprayed your house for fleas” is positively the worst euphemism we’ve ever heard. What’s that? Not a euphemism? Gross.

From now on, call us Thaddeus! Why? Because we said so in a Craigslist post. What do you mean we can’t do that?

You know who suck more than goliath cicadas and Craigslist creepers combined? Kids that mess your shit up, that’s who! One Craigslist Mom (who does not reside in Hendersonville, but may still wear a tail) got her expensive couched jacked up by her gross kids, and she’d prefer it if you take it out of [...]

Oh, baby! Just when we thought we’d scared off every tail-wearing personal ad writer in Hendersonville, the Craigslist weirdos have become as abundant as those god damn cicadas. Today we bring you a lively gentleman who’s not only looking for a sassy lady to get it on with, but also to organize and alphabetize his [...]

Some dummy gets a dinosaur tattoo for his ex-girlfriend. Let’s all stand around and laugh.

Where’s the bicycle, Lebowski?!

This Craigslist poster is an opossum. We’re sure of it.

Hey ladies! Are you a loser? Do you want to get with another loser? Want to play video games and watch American Dad in an awkwardly platonic relationship? We got your man.

Unwilling to profile people selling poison or KKK knives, we’ve delved into the best of Craigslist and come out with someone who choked on a biscuit.