Let’s all make fun of the outsider trying to figure out why Nashville is a cool drinking city and eventually get mad at him for only visiting honky-tonks!

Are you a maniac willing to sleep in a parking lot for free chicken? Do you not mind supporting an organization that actively funds legislation to ban gay marriage? Good news! A new Chick-Fil-A is opening!

Happy Repeal Day!

We’re gonna drink all the gin in Nashville. Repeal Day!

We like our processed meats like we like our coffee: free and full of things that will probably kill us. Wait, what?

For one week only, all of those cocktails at Tavern, Kayne Prime, Virago and Whiskey Kitchen that you can’t afford are available are being sold for a price that you can barely afford!

Ever wanted to own a food truck without all the hassle of putting a stove in your camper? Good news! You can buy this one!

If you’re thinking about bringing your kid to a bar on Eastland, you might want to hold up for a minute. Or at least buy a compelling disguise for him. We suggest fake mustaches.

God, it’s still hot. Let’s suffer through this as best we can, by making a jug full of sangria and swearing at the sun.

The 5 Spot celebrates a full year of $2 Tuesdays with a slew of bands and, more importantly, $2 pints of Yazoo. Also: we plan your night for you.

Because it’s free slurpee day.