The 5 Spot celebrates a full year of $2 Tuesdays with a slew of bands and, more importantly, $2 pints of Yazoo. Also: we plan your night for you.

We’re back, and just in the nick of time to get drunk for cheap! Yelp Drinks is fighting back against The Daily Beast in an attempt to shut down this “most sober city in America” nonsense.

At long last, we enter the hallowed halls of East Side hipster Valhalla — No. 308. Was it worth the wait? Oh sweet lord, yes.

Yet another ill-fated journey to Bar No. 308 ends in your humble bloggers drinking Four Loko and watching Portlandia On Demand. It’s not the worst idea we’ve had, but it sure wasn’t a great one.

Once again turned away by Bar No. 308, we somehow decide it would be a good idea to go to Margaritaville.

We set out to go to a swank East Nashville bar and wound up hanging out at Dino’s instead. Dive bar aficionados take heed.

It was a dark and stormy night in East Nashville… then we wound up at Beyond the Edge and it was kinda lame. The end.

Happy hours don’t have to all be dive bars and drinking 40s behind a gas station. After hanging with the zombies, we set out for another happy hour review, this time at a tapas bar near the Belcourt.

The first in a series of happy hour reviews. We’re drinking for your benefit, we swear.