Our old friends The Joiners are coming back to town! After a long baby hiatus, the former Easties are playing The 5 Spot with some of the usual suspects.

One-time Spring Hiller Derrick Brown released an album with Beau Jennings about sports ghosts or something. No, not like the movie. Yes, we’re sure.

We love the lush, intricate melodies composed by Casa Castile (aka Andrew Nabuco) and so should you. Catch the band’s debut tonight at The End.

Listen up Internet, we’re not going to shut up about Action! until you give them all your money. This is a stick up.

Make-Up and Vanity Set released Charles Park II a few days ago and we’ve been caught up in its sweet digital zombie funk.

Evan P. Donohue is our first artist of the week. He places sunny California baroque pop and is playing Wednesday at Exit/In with The Thermals. If you tell him a riddle, you might win tickets.