The End hosts its inaugural Bottomless Beer Bash/Manic Monday dance party tonight. Go and get plastered, maybe.

It’s the new year and you need to finally bury all of the terrible drinks that you’ve accrued in your beer graveyard. You’re not really going to drink all that Michelob Ultra, are you? Thought not. Here are some better ideas.

We continue your down-to-the-wire gift buying suggestions with this brief guide regarding the sale of hooch in our fine city.

Prepare your livers, ladies and gentlemen. The East Nashville Blog crew have reported today that the less honkeytonk-y side of the river is in preparation for its own beer festival in April. We’re assuming it’s going to be like the Tomato Art Festival, except with even more drinking and less heat stroke.

Any weekend where you can throw pies in an art gallery is a good weekend, as far as we’re concerned.

Apparently, there’s a chili festival AND a beer festival going on at the same time on Saturday. Which basically means that, for a day, Nashville is legally being renamed to Dudeville, TN. We’re in a rush though, so this thing is all kinds of abridged.