Let’s all make fun of the outsider trying to figure out why Nashville is a cool drinking city and eventually get mad at him for only visiting honky-tonks!

God, it’s still hot. Let’s suffer through this as best we can, by making a jug full of sangria and swearing at the sun.

The 5 Spot celebrates a full year of $2 Tuesdays with a slew of bands and, more importantly, $2 pints of Yazoo. Also: we plan your night for you.

Prepare your livers, ladies and gentlemen. The East Nashville Blog crew have reported today that the less honkeytonk-y side of the river is in preparation for its own beer festival in April. We’re assuming it’s going to be like the Tomato Art Festival, except with even more drinking and less heat stroke.

You’re at the First Saturday Art Crawl. You’ve got three hours to drink as many free refreshments as you can and this is how we did it. We’re not saying that it’s the most comprehensive to drinking at the art crawl (we did waste at least a hour in there somewhere) but we’re calling it a success.