Robots have arrived in 5 Points! They demand your 3 Crow tokens and will stop at nothing to pry them from your puny human hands.

Come out to see Rear Window on the grass next to Bongo Java East this Sunday, assuming it doesn’t rain (thus proving that God hates Jimmy Stewart).

Trivia week concludes with a trip to 3 Crow for Trivia Time.

Trivia Week continues at Beyond the Edge, a bar that we don’t like hosting trivia that we thought we’d hate. Color us surprised!

Vroom vroom, in photos!

Yet another ill-fated journey to Bar No. 308 ends in your humble bloggers drinking Four Loko and watching Portlandia On Demand. It’s not the worst idea we’ve had, but it sure wasn’t a great one.

We find tomatoes painted on a fence and subsequently attempt to incite war between Tennessee and Ohio over our shared state fruit.