Opry Mills is offering $2 movies, popcorn and soft drinks until Wednesday, after which their prices will return to their normal status of costing your first born child to see Green Lantern 3D.

Ever wanted to throw your own legit screening of Rocky Horror? Veteran RHCP MC Kassi Thomas has some tips on why you shouldn’t buy booze for your cast.

How do you feel about major movie studios and vague marketing tactics? Good? Excellent. Retweet this thing.

Movies in the Park kicks off tonight with (500) Days of Summer, a movie starring Zach Braff and Natalie Portman as… oh, wait. Hold on. Nevermind!

The Belcourt presents this year’s Second Saturday Outdoor Movie series, featuring Blues Brothers, Psycho, Wargames and Destry Rides Again.

It’s almost Movies in the Park season! Because Green Lantern looks terrible and you know it.

International Lens will screen The Nightmare Before Christmas at Sarratt Cinema on Vanderbilt’s campus tonight for free. Presenting the film will be film critic Alonso Duralde.

Tommy Wiseau’s contribution to world cinema screens at The Belcourt this weekend. Who needs Thanksgiving when you’ve got plastic spoons and a movie that only barely makes sense when you haven’t knocked back a couple of scotchkas?

For your viewing pleasure, a looping playlist of Halloween themed trailers, music videos and other clips. Hook your computer up to your TV (if you can do that sort of thing) and you’ve got instant ambiance. Also, instant deterrent for your drunk guests butchering the hits of the 90s on Rock Band.